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Same here, I thought it was just me.
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: Surrender @ 15 Q&A
Just to clarify, the whole team has to agree if they want to forfeit at 15, and past 20 minutes, only 4 members still have to agree with surrender?
: We're the Chiefs Esports Club - Ask Us Anything!
Hey there. I'm new to jungling on graves. I'd like to ask, what's the best thing to do after I recall. Some of my camps aren't up and i'm not really "sure" where to go. Do i just go back to where i started? And another question is if I see their jungler top side and I want to take their bot side jungle, is it ideal to take my camps first or just take their bot side camps and do my camps later?
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: Chiefs are hosting a Q&A on Tuesday 16/08
What do you guys usually eat in the gaming house?
: State of the Season: Mid-season followup
The reason I think the cloud drake has the same win rate as the other dragons is because you take the dragon when you're winning (Usually). So most of the time when you're winning, it doesn't really matter what dragon you take, however it can "help" you close out the game, but yeh cloud drake sucks. TL;DR Cloud drake has only roughly the same win rate because the team that is already winning takes it


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