: Skin injustices (not the price)
Wouldn't hold my breath on Zac http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/JGd68MaB-zac-skins
Shashe (OCE)
: Question about getting S-, S or S+
I believe your farm plays a big part in it. 163CS in 24 minutes is a fair way better than 210CS in 40.
: Level 5 Teemo Main
I have a wife who is a level 5 Teemo main. Maybe you should marry him?
: Patch 6.1 notes
"We're going to bring the other keystones up to Thunderlord" -> Nerfs Bond of Stone
Bipolar (OCE)
: Braum is broken cancer.
Cancer is bad. But if it was broken, wouldn't it's potency be reduced? Thus making regular cancer worse than broken cancer?
Eshe (OCE)
: I just think people are going to be more lazy when it comes to warding baron and dragon and stuff because oh they hear the death sound globally and now the timer updates so there is no need to ward. Also makes for sneaking dragon harder since it will be more obvious now. At least with baron once you get it the other team knows due to visual buff indicators
People don't ward baron know so that they know when he dies. They ward it so they can prevent him from dying.
kJs (OCE)
: Jesus Ranked is such a toxic and painful environment to play in.
I always assume that if 4th pick don't lock in quickly, then they are giving you the time to pick first. So pick first. :D If they aren't, they'll certainly let you know!
: Pros: DAMAGE. ALOT. OF. DAMAGE Cons: ?????? no escape i guess
Pro: +Great zoning potential, CC and fantastic team fighting. Cons: Squishy. *so* squishy.
: Its not bad. I think its more that if youre playing her for the damage theres other champions that do it better, and if youre playing her for the utility you don't really need the gold anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=McRuthless,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=ZAZeEV7r,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-18T07:42:54.664+0000) > > Its not bad. I think its more that if youre playing her for the damage theres other champions that do it better, and if youre playing her for the utility you don't really need the gold anyway. Zyra is one of 6 champs that average more than 30,000 damage to champs per game. 4th on the list behind Karthus, Kog'Maw and Teemo.
Inners (OCE)
: What even...
Sometimes you get the 0/22/2 mid and bot lane combo, sometimes it's the other team. So games you can't win, but on that, some games you can't lose either. :D
Exhausted (OCE)
: Freelo.GG-Improving You
Nice site, looking forward to seeing it evolve. Would be good to have an overall view of your stats, rather than just your best and worst, maybe even a breakdown by champ/role would be cool. Great work.
: Can someone explain this to me?
"winning streaks" implies that you've one more than just 1 game. OP.GG is pretty good at measuring MMR, and for that game, has you guys ahead. Rumble got owned, and Fizz appears to have roamed better than you. Suck it up and move on.
: I don't have a problem with the second part. I just played another game against Ekko (probably gonna be in every game now, might have to play adc for a while till he's off the free roster). His Q and E alone would kill me. Once again, same problem. He slows so damn hard with the Q esp max ranked. If you've got even half a brain you could use Ekko and carry your team. Im seriously sick of him :/ I absolutely hate how he's free this week even though he isn't nerfed at all.
> [{quoted}](name=Legends man1,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=O8PEoEuM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-06-09T00:21:17.434+0000) > If you've got even half a brain you could use Ekko and carry your team. Im seriously sick of him :/ I absolutely hate how he's free this week even though he isn't nerfed at all. Just as a test, play 3 games with him and post back here. I want to see if you have half a brain. :D
: League of Tanks
According to Champions.GG from the latest patch. Most popular tops: Irella Riven Vlad Gnar Nasus Most popular mids: Ahri LeBlanc Ekko Zed Katarina Most popular jungle Lee Sin Vi Amumu Rek'Sai Gragas Really? Of Tanks?
: I think i ate off icecream
I once ate out Icecream, but never off Icecream. At least, I think that's what she said her name was.
: Master Arcanist Ziggs casts power word boom
This skin. So good. Simply don't want to play anyone except Ziggs anymore. :D Great job.
: How to face Leblanc tips please
Step 1. Buy wards. Step 2. Ward top and bottom river. Step 3. Curl up in a ball somewhere between first and second turret. (crying is optional) Step 4. Ping when she tries to roam and passes a ward.
: Like I said, don't know what happens in the higher elos, so thank you for informing. I merely based my observation on the experiences of the people I've talked to. It seems that silver 1 and below, how well you do in the new season provisionals makes zero difference to your new season placing, but from the sounds of it that starts to change the further you go up. So from what I can tell, it's not so much a problem with the soft reset, it's the mmr curve at the lower tiers that needs some work to make the new season provisionals feel like they will actually make a difference if you win or lose, rather than the "I need to do these so I can grind again" formality they currently are.
I guess that's the point, they do make a difference, but not the kind of difference you're hoping for. I don't mean to sound rude, but bronze 5 accounts for the bottom 10% of players- you don't get a free ride back up to 50% at the end of the season. You gotta play (or grind as you put it) your way back up there :)
: Question about hard reset vs soft reset.
Why is a soft reset better than a hard one? Because a seasons worth of games is a more indicative measure of ones skill than 10 games. When you say "My problem is that that same logic isn't being applied to subsequent seasons. You're not being placed based on your skill in your provisionals, you're being placed based on your skill in the previous season, which may not apply anymore. It's basically saying "I don't care if you're now playing at diamond standard, you're still going to silver."" That isn't what happens in a soft reset. In a hard reset, that's exactly what happens. All the bronze players, the silvers, the golds, the diamonds, the masters and the challengers all get dumped back into silver V and have to deal. Soft resets don't do that, they use your MMR. I'll use myself as an example. Last year, I had a high MMR (for my ranking), but only scrapped into Gold 5, literally 10 minutes to midnight on the final cut off. After playing my promo's this season, I opened my account in Gold 4. Why did this happen? Cause of the high MMR- which was determined throughout the season.
ThatsBS (OCE)
: Hard Reset Cons: Hard reset means for average players have the potential to get stomped from the pros/ semi pros. this could happen continously to some unlucky players. average players could get carried for a long period and get to a way to high elo, only then will find out they are not as good as what their elo says. The pros have to spend time owning up for days before they eventually get back to their proper rank. Along with carried players being dropped off on the way at high elos. Hard Reset Pros: umm... everyone starts at the same, but some get carried alot some get stomped alot?? (i think this is a con) The new (Iv had a few beers, so i'll check this again in the morning)
There's no pros to a hard reset when looking at it from the top end. Now, from a Bronze 5 perspective, you get to jump a whole bunch of tiers for a little while (til you get stomped back down to bronze 5). So that kinda seems like a pro if you're short sighted...
: Against an udyr? You have a 30 minute timer to win the game, or be drastically ahead, or you lose. Simple. Also while we are on this, Udyr isn't a good jungler for one main reason: anyone below Platish will not gank as udyr. Meaning you have free rein to win the game as a laner or as a jungler, just win lanes and udyr loses.
Udyr is a mid game king, but starts to fall off at 30 minutes...
: Sounds like a good plan but hard to pull off since a Lee Sin from what I've seen can't carry a whole team by himself and ADCs in Bronze aren't really that good at carrying. I guess I'll camp the best and worst lanes to get the best guy on our team fed and prevent the worst from feeding.
The entire point of playing Lee Sin is to gank early and snowball your lanes. If you're not doing that, play a different jungle!
Jink (OCE)
: Several things Teemo is good for.
Never underestimate the power of the scouts code.
Mar3thyu (OCE)
: Major lag on league but net is fine
Who is your internet with? If you grab a copy of WTFast, does it remove said issues?
TroutSlap (OCE)
: Content OCE.....
Most people you talk to would sacrifice 100ping permanently to play Dominion? I don't think I value those peoples opinion. :D
: MS in relation to triforce query
Enjoy http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Movement_speed
: The wonder above
Surely it's a typo and they meant to write Barn?
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Positive play discussion
I like bonuses and think I'm pretty positive, so have at it- chat logs are all yours


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