slxw (OCE)
: Mastery lvl 7 / bullshit
um, yeah, looking back at my account, lvl 7 mastery is old bronze at best.
: Luck? Man do you know the things I did to get that 700 CS for my Taliyah token?! O_o But yea, the number of times I get S/S+when im lvl 5, and S- when Im level 6 is infuriating. Just pure luck that those games happened that way round, sometimes right after each other. If/when they do the next levels, maybe they should have some kind of goal, like get 10,000 CS and 300 kills, and 700 assists. That way people can just constantly be working towards their goals, completing bit by bit. That way when you see a lvl 8 you can think "Daymn, that guy has over X kills with that champ." Rather than "Maybe he got lucky 2 games?" Getting an S should be a good thing, but when you're lvl 6, an S- is the most demoralising score you can get, and that shouldn't be the case. I wouldn't say it's all luck, but it definitely has an influence. Also I have no idea how you're supposed to use "Money" to get the mastery?
Well to get the mastery you must have tokens / shards / essence / ... some of these can be bought. when I say that lvl 7 mastery is a joke, I say it because I know. I say it because I have it, I know its dumb luck because I'm b5, getting a few 's' scores is just going to happen. mastery lvl 7 is not an indication of a good player, nor per say is the persons rank, eg - " I have 46 lvl champs"
: I have 46 Champions at Mastery 7. An additional 10 at Mastery 6. My total Mastery Score is 708. 'Luck' has nothing to do with it. Learn your role. Learn the champs with the most favorable effort-to-benefit ratio first - work your way up to the tricky ones. Most importantly, know the champions that aren't worth mastering - they probably need a rework anyway.
this is what I mean, your telling me that your a true "master level player" at 46 champions? it feels more like every body gets a trophy day, with the new ranked system should come mastery lvl 8.
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: Sometimes, you just gotta make a skin.
It's the Steve Jobs mentality, not choosing a new outfit everyday lets you concentrate on more important things, like surfing cliff edges and stuff.
: What is this LP
Playing ranked is not meta at the moment.
: I'm right handed (naturally), but I use my left hand so much that I'm basically ambidextrous (20 years of playing guitar). I have played games using alternate hands for movement and actions (emulated arcade games with keyboard), I really don't notice a difference.
I also play guitar, but I play like a right handed person would, so um, rock on.
: Runes
these options are legit
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Left handed gamer/ Southpaw
I'm also a lefty, mouse in right hand though. {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:11}}
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: Where is my chat restriction? And help me! ezz. this is why, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ryhno (OCE)
: Did anyone get a trophy for winning Clash?
Raspo (OCE)
: smurfs
ummmm, verify account with phone number, hmmmmmm ...... ... .. . hay babe... .. .
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: If you dont have 100k, are you really a main tho? I'd prefer less people committed to the cause then a bunch of people who only play him abit
I like your style, 100k isn't too much.
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: Scripting is not the same as good players. Am talking about very small side step dodge, on point every times. Hitting skills shot and land it right in the middle of movement.
i had a dude run up to me kill me then run off and dodge like 6 shrooms, (i was tmo) my jaw dropped and i wondered ...
: Toxicity is strong in this one
: I see where youre coming from here, this is something I see happening too and it makes me think as well. What it essentially boils down to is: _Is provoked abuse, any less abusive than un-provoked abuse?_ This is a question that really needs to be answered in order to have any sort of universal fairness within a punishment system. It doesn't matter which way you answer the question, as long as you give a clear answer. _________________ From what I see, Riot tends to treat all abuse as equal, regardless of context. Now I'm not saying that is right or wrong, that is just one way of answering the question. However; if context is disregarded, then there should be clear boundaries about what can and cant be said. Therefore if Riot want to treat all abusive words/actions as equal, then they need to release a definite list of instaban words and actions, so the community have clear tenants to follow. Think of the Law in real life, you don't get arrested and sentenced based on a rulebook that is hidden to everyone except the Policemen and Judge, do you? The law and justice system is an open book, that way, if you commit a crime, you can be held accountable because you were informed prior, that said action was wrong. If the system doesn't tell you the specifics of what is and isn't wrong, then you can hardly be blamed for overstepping the bounds. _E.g. If you see someones old sandwich wrapper fall out of their pocket, and you pick it up and put it in the bin, does that count as stealing? What if it was their wallet instead? Its the same action. If you don't have access to the rulebook against which you will be judged, how are you supposed to distinguish one from the other?_ __________________ However if you think that not all abuse is equal, and that context plays a big part. Then you should be able to argue your case. And as it stands, arguing your case to Riot support has the same impact as blowing bubbles at nuclear bunker. So Riot need to choose. Do they allow case-by-case punishment, or do they release the 10 commandments saying _"Thou shalt not say C*nt"_ I can understand them not wanting to release details of how their punishment system works because people will find ways around it. And yes I'm sure that some people will find cracks in the system _(people find cracks in every system)_, maybe calling someone a John Tomas instead of a Cock will save them a chat ban. But at least people know where they stand, and to me, thats more important.
I think that the law dose not see ignorance as a defence nor do i believe that the law is an open book, so ?
: But then you would get people that refuse to team fight to save their kda?
you can get a 's' without team fighting? cool, tell me how? ; )
: RIP Stephen Hawking
R.I.P Hawky.
Oztralia (OCE)
: Heres a novel idea, how about we "rank" players based on personal efforts
i just made a thread on this.... ( "Hi, : ) This may not be a new idea, If you get an -s, s or s+ in promos and you lose, it should not count as a loss or full loss. ") i don't play well, but this is an idea i think people may like. cheers. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
slxw (OCE)
: Promo's
Also what is the max number of 's's achievable in a game? can anyone see this? meh.
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esp (OCE)
: Try being 6 blue essence off buying your 20th champion and needing to grind out 10 games, which is basically 10 hours just to level up, and that's if you win atleast two. Or you can wait 24 hours for your "generous" amount of 50 blue essence on win of day. get fucked riot.
Ethvn thats funny, anyhoo, Be could be 1 ooo ooo be for 1 Oe, so that is still sum ting?{{summoner:21}}
Shiney (OCE)
: Top & Jungler needed for Team
I'm digging top n jg, but I'm not on your lvl, good luck on the rift.
: Can't believe I found someone this toxic low level...
ohhh no. my life is not like yours, Iive in the trees and sleep on the ground. I chill with new short term friends playing old school game, attempting to enjoi life. a dude I met seid "man, you should play lol", Iv never played online games and seid, yeah but nahh. so as it is iv play this game just for a short while, as I got into it I thought it seems fun I should join the community, that brought me here. so I start by while waiting for games by reading your posts, and at the same time playing against real people and having chat. so, umm, maybe in my own best interests I think that I should invest anymore of my love into this world, you know, also the world is paying more attention to you than you know, so I dohno. wit love fm slxw the soft carrie. {{item:3174}}
: Why are you flaming me because you're upset I used a bad word in a joking way with someone who seemed to be okay with it? Never flamed, like I had said in my statement, their player was aware we were joking with each other as he flamed me aswell. Secondly, I don't need to mute someone if we aren't being toxic towards each other. Thirdly, I was premade with 3 people who I talked to when referring to the gank. And fourthly, no one was tilted. The only tilted person here is you. My argument was that I believed I deserved 20 chat restrictions because of what I said and was curious as to why it had jumped straight up to 2 weeks ban instantly. Calling me an immature brat, saying pathetic teenage life, not being able to spell while using the word vocabulary and even trying to say I grew up in a shrub. Incredible. So you don't flame in game you're just all pretend and fake but save the salt for outside of the game for people who have genuine concerns about the game? Not your average brand troll inting to teemo top because he wont build magic resist? Yeah, you're level 14 or something right? I've played 5000ish games, and you were upset because no one would accept your advise? Well you have so much more to learn and I wish you good luck. xD P.s Learn to spell if you're going to use the word vocabulary. {{champion:17}}
Hello tuff guy, self proclaimed trol{{summoner:36}} (I spely troll rong) gets banned, whats eles in the news.
: I didn't know that!
neither did I. um, yes you can afk, and you know what will happen, {{item:3302}}
: How long does the merch take to ship to Sydney?? Shipping & Delivery SHIPPING METHODS & ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIMES All goods are shipped directly to your shipping address from our closest distribution center. Order Processing: Most orders will ship within 2-3 business days. Orders are not processed after business hours or on weekends. Any orders placed during this time will be processed on the next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for online updates. If a significant amount of time has passed and you have not received a tracking number yet, please Contact Us. Shipping Cost: Your shipping cost is generally determined by the weight of the item(s) and the shipping address. As a service to customers, we offer flat-rate shipping in many countries. Your final shipping cost can be calculated from the Shopping Cart and will be displayed during Checkout. Residents in certain countries may also have tax and duty applied to their shipment per their country's import laws. Packaging: Most products will ship in a durable cardboard box. Clothing items are typically packaged within an additional polybag for protection. Art and posters are rolled and shipped in a sturdy poster tube. Multiple Shipments: You may have ordered items that could not be packaged together (i.e. Clothing and Art), and therefore had to be shipped separately. If all shipments have not arrived within the estimated delivery times, please Contact Us. I guess 3 days to ship and 9 days to land. 1st I'm like this{{summoner:6}} then im like{{summoner:3}}
Queen Of (OCE)
: Yeah, I agree with this. I don't mind the leveling system, and everything, but if that's the only way to get BE, then it's just too much work, and I think getting BE every game will make everyone happier :D
True even trolls, feeders, toxic players, afk for half the game players, buying 6 kindlegems for the game type dudes, pointless roamers, lane stealers and the rest should get something for showing up. Riot should not just give away Blu-E for having a game, I'm shore that #Blu-E will be obtainable but for more effort than that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Most likely Riot will exceed your hopes on not just "Bless" but many things. maybe. {{item:2052}}
: I MESSED UP BIG TIME! I just saw this now because I wasn't earning BE. I thought we could earn it so I bought some things they released in store after the new system came out. Now I'm stuck with only few champions and unable to buy. I also didn't see any notification about this. (If there was at least Make it VERY Clear, since not every player goes around doing research about the game, who agree?) {{sticker:cass-cry}}
I agree, yes you messed up big time. {{champion:9}}
: Hey folks Thanks for posting the discussion. This new system based around Blue Essence is obviously a change from what we're used to, so we're very interested to know how you feel about it going forward. Please keep the feedback flowing and let us know your thoughts - both for and against - as you learn and use the new systems over time. Point out the problems and let us know what bits you like. {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}}
its new and scary, I guess the breaking bad blue stuff will come around in the in game challenges and maybe when levelling up a champ or I guess people could have ideas on how riot could create ways to sling the stuff out. we don't want shady back door websites offering us a taste of the blue for some greasy deal, but just wait and see.{{item:2055}}
: New rune system is a joke
I have 9 free pages, {{champion:33}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:1}}
Cornetto (OCE)
: Ranked end
Time zones?
: I mean it works I guess lmao
^^^^ Try climb with this 66.6% win rate cheese ball strat.{{item:2050}}
PM Speez (OCE)
: 2 week ban?
What is %%%got ?
: Zoe themed usernames?
Zoe Zo Zo junior Zabadoo. {{champion:33}}
Ryestorm (OCE)
: Zoe......
Are you saying its a bit "league of Disney legend" or that if you want to play kingdom hearts 3, you would buy kingdom hearts 3 ? Don't fret when the hipster #Zoe skin drops we may open a fresh bag of Himalayan pink salt rocks. Also crushing noobs on a rookie rift champ should be a bit of compo. Who will get the 1st live kill?
Genericqm (OCE)
: Ban appeal for joking around about my nationality, is Riot being racist?
: Why can Windwall Block Orrns Ult?
Because, ... Yasou is Batman. [](


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