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Sparkrat (OCE)
: Just wondering, did u hit gold last season as support or did u change roles? Ur most played champ has 42% after 170 Played. Im happy to duo if you can play other stuff, but i dont have faith in ur support if ur struggling at Silver 5.
he gets others to play on his account. i think last season the guy had like 20 wins all up on panth, kass, kat all undefeated. stomping lane and game easily plat level just monstrous stats. then never played the champs agian. like first time ranked for those champs. short answer he gets boosted and is a legit silver 5 bronze 1 player no more then that.
Niege (OCE)
: Silver VThresh One Trick LF Duo (Jungle or ADC)
C9 Snocky (OCE)
: The Problem with Toxicity Based Bans
There is a problem with toxcity bans and you're the problem. Take your punishment and move on
Zaps (OCE)
: This kind of behaviour is clearly not appropriate. Offensive language has been edited for this log. smokydarkx: KENNNE smokydarkx: STFU YOU TRASH KID smokydarkx: i get to much pusssyyyyyyyy to fucekn care how much i know this game smokydarkx: kennen stfu silver kid smokydarkx: ill flex your mom out on the bed f\*g smokydarkx: im hella bronze smokydarkx: but somehow gold this game is to ahrd smokydarkx: suck my dick f\*g smokydarkx: trash 2 smokydarkx: gop suck more dick you bronze f\*gf smokydarkx: deathlord is saying in skype he will hang you smokydarkx: deathlord says if you ever come to iraq he will behead you smokydarkx: im not even trying kid smokydarkx: i can tell you never get your dick sucked
Death Lord was being serious. Anyway going forward if this happens again will the next punishment be a permanent suspension
: can you provide my logs pls, also been banned till the 23rd of October.
is it just my pre, post game chat or everyones as banter pre and post game might be taken as something else.
Zaps (OCE)
: We've been working on a system that involves looking through champ select and post-game chats looking for instances of verbal abuse or unsportsmanlike behaviour. We've been trialing this system during the last week. At the point at which I posted this comment, it looks like everyone who posted in this thread was punished by this system. Because this is a relatively new system that is being trialed - there's currently no specific information in the client or in the email that you receive after being punished. If you contact Player Support, they will provide you with more context around why you were punished. We're planning on improving the info provided at the time of punishment over time. I'm happy to provide logs here from your own cases if you are willing for me to do so. Otherwise, Player Support should be able to help you out.
can you provide my logs pls, also been banned till the 23rd of October.


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