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iMatlock (OCE)
: Logged on for the first time in a year to a permaban
I am in a similar situations to you, what was the email about that you received? try making a support ticket, an answer can take a while but you will get one.
djfunkey (OCE)
: riot please do something about these post. theres been like 10 ban appeals around per day and half of the boards are filled with them. theres a reason you are banned in the first place. @Riot Achenar @Riot Gehirn @Riot CptStupendous
yeah because you get banned for saying to someone that is 0-8 10 mins into the game, "your bad "
: I need to talk to someone about a ban
good luck words fall on deaf ears around here
: this is beyond a joke
just in my promos i was 5-0 toplane then my midlaner proceeds to go 0-9 before 15 mins and we ff gg riot, inb4 this account is banned for "abuse" too, joke of a game
: Posting is hard man, and they do it in there spare time, you know.... unlike what the volunteers do on a regular basis now. But hey the argument will always be that rioters don't have the time.
so does that mean everything on the boards pretty much goes unnoticed ?
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