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: Riot, need stricter ranked queue restrictions
I was unranked and I got matched with 4 plats. We lost because bot lane got destroyed early game (I was mid) and then they inevitably roamed mid and I got destroyed also, but I think it's a bit unfair that I get matched with and against people like that when I'm unranked? Yeah ok my MMR was high but I am not good so why can't I get matched against people who are not good?
: I would like a RIOT member to discuss this with me please... (and i would like the community too)
I'm a shit player and I get S ranks all the time so I'm not quite sure how it works to be quite honest. Not that I'm complaining of course but I don't deserve these crates and key fragments that I'm earning for playing average at best.. Just look at my match history.
: How to Draven
How to Draven Step 1) Don't
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: Favourite Champions
I love Aurelion Sol. I've only played about 30 games or so with him since his release, but out of my 3 years of playing this game he is definitely one of my top 5 favourite champions to play. It makes me laugh every time it gets to about mid game and I have my {{item:3116}} all snug in my inventory, and it's just funny to watch these people chase me down through the jungle just to get hit by my w and turn around almost instantly. I regularly win my lane with this beast which makes me very happy, not to mention I am beginning to roam bot a lot more (if you know me, you'd know that roaming isn't exactly a strength of mine, and I tend to farm up mid or help my jungler invade and whatnot but roaming... no...). TL;DR {{champion:136}} + {{item:3116}} = My reason to live
Mercilus (OCE)
: hEY MAN IM KINDA IN THE SAME BOAT, whoops caps. I use to play a while back but now just getting back in. Lemme know if you wanna play some normal games.. Mercilus In NZ aswell, got some time this weekend for a good smash.
Sorry for the late response but yeah man I'd be up for it! Sorry I went on a holiday not too long after posting that and then I kinda just forgot about it but yeah feel free to add me man and if you have skype that'd be pretty helpful too, not too much of a big deal if you don't or if you're too shy though :P
: my boyfriend is mean ):
I'm the same. I play with my boyfriend a lot but I am really toxic and if he makes a mistake that is detrimental to my lane, usually after I warn him not to do the stupid thing and he does the stupid thing, I flame for a few minutes focusing on that one mistake rather than taking it as a challenge to beat my opponent who is now ahead of me. Personally I would just say don't play with him, or mute him, perhaps even have a talk to him about how his attitude towards your gameplay is making you feel. I'm sure you'll be able to find some queue buddies to play with rather than having to put up with a flamer. Completely up to you though. He needs to realize that you are new to the game and of course you're not going to make massive plays, you WILL make mistakes, everyone does. Hell I've been playing for 3 years and I STILL make rookie mistakes with fail flashes and missing my {{champion:1}} ult by a mile, but I try to learn from that. Certainly doesn't help when you've got someone pointing out these obvious mistakes which you know were silly.
Daghoon (OCE)
: Looking for friendly players.
I'm almost 18 and was B1 before I stopped playing ranked like over a year ago. Pretty laid back here but sometimes I can be negative about the game. Passive aggressive but otherwise I'm chill and I don't insult my teammates, usually just myself
: Looking for chilled people to play with in Norms Or Ranked
I'd be happy to join! {{champion:1}} main here so if you don't mind me giving you cancer then add me
Gothnam (OCE)
: Looking to join a Team
Are you looking for a serious ranked team or just a casual norms team? I'd be happy to play norms with you man but I'm not too keen on ranked unless it's with a full team you feel me
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: There are a few things that could have happened which don't necessarily mean he was ignored; * He could have received a chat restriction * They might not have processed his punishment yet * They may have determined he hasn't done it often enough or the singular case wasn't severe enough to warrant a punishment *yet*. It's generally not a good idea to ban someone for a single mistake. Some people have bad days, but unless they act like this often a ban isn't going to help anybody; it'd be punishing someone for a single event that wasn't going to happen again anyway. Riot's Player Behavior Initiative is meant to *reform* players, not just punish them. If you make a mistake just once, do you want to get banned because someone made a ticket?
I think you get a notification when you report someone and they are punished, although it has only happened to me once. We played against this very cocky, very toxic Caitlyn ADC and she was abusing my whole team all game but we were premade so we basically took the piss and weren't offended because she was probably either 12 or having an awful week and taking it out on randoms on the internet, as many do. We eventually won the game which felt bloody amazing by the way, considering I fed their {{champion:105}} to no end for the first 15 minutes but got back into the game shortly after. We then reported her and as we queued up for another game, I got a notification telling me that our team had reported her and that she had been punished. IMO I at least feel like a mute would be handy for this riot player. You have no idea how powerful words can be, especially when you're having a bad day. Some days people will flame at me and tell me to kill myself and I'll just shrug it off, other days people will just say that I shouldn't play this game and I'll be pretty sad for the next few games and I'll be less inclined to play whatever champion I was playing during that game.
SwizZz (OCE)
: Looking for casual playing mates
I'd be happy to play with you. My duo buddy mains jungle and I main mid/supp. I'm not the best though because I stopped playing for about 2 weeks and then I just went straight into URF so I am a bit rusty when it comes to norms but I am still up for it
Sparrow73 (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with, Casuel or ranked.
Hey my duo buddy and I would be down to play :) I main mid and supp and he mains jungle. We mostly play URF now because let's face it who doesn't but I don't mind going back to norms. I must warn you I am rusty because after not playing for like 2 weeks I went straight into URF so...
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: Show your love with Valentine’s Day skins
Health pots are red, frostfangs are blue, I can't find my tibbers but I'm glad I found you - My reaction to the new {{champion:1}} skin

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