25 Savage (OCE)
: Looking for a fifth for Ranked Flex
Hieppy (OCE)
: I think I was wrongfully suspended?
saying kys gets u suspended tbh.
Hieppy (OCE)
: Just getting my account synced
: Looking For A Coach
Mônster (OCE)
: Making a flex grp for next season
: duo
booster omg
: b1 player looking for team
you wanna have a team or a coach duo? :)
Likala (OCE)
: Hey Riot, quick question.
that was a quick question!
: PSA: Pings
u can ping 3 times
Jhinsoo (OCE)
: Making New Team or LFT
is this competitive
Rioter Comments
Kyll (OCE)
: Silver / gold Flex team looking for 1 more
Prodïgy (OCE)
: Looking For Duo Partners Gold+
: how to keep mana up as a fiddle support?
**Sorcery :** _Summon Aery Manaflow Band Celerity Scorch/Waterwalking (depending on playstyle)_ **Inspiration** _Stopwatch / Biscuit Cosmic Insight_ - ** Frostfang gives you mana, jsut dont super spam poke your E** - **Rush Zhonya's after you get your Tier 2 Boots** - **Dont be dependant on your abilities, often poke with auto attacks** > for free coaching add me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

tangina ako mid

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