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iScorpion (OCE)
: LF Supp Main To Duo With Next Season
silver 3 sup mian here if you want to duo :)
: 1/12/15 Chapion Sales
problem resolved :)
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Oceanic University Championship Brackets and schedules!
there are no times listed as too when we start each round/game, can you confirm what times each round starts? and also, how do we find our seedings for the tournament?
: Have they been released ? I dont seem to be able to find the link
i cant find them either.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: OUC FAQ and Rules
Hey guys. Has anyone recieved there scheduling emails? was meant to be sent at midday today but its 3:30pm and havent recieved anything
Maraudaur (OCE)
: OUC FAQ and Rules
Hey Marauder, i have submitted my team but we may have a reserve or two willing to help us out. How do i submit these new reserves to my team?
Se7en (OCE)
: Looking for support to play ranked 5s
i main support and would be willing to join your team :), IGN: auss13s
: LFM - semi serious team
gday mate, i main support and am looking to play some ranked teams, i'd join you guys :)
nikz11032 (OCE)
This change is too fix our RP prices compared to new zealand who is in oceania, not any other region. They mentioned the NA servers as a example but they have not much to do with us

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