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: Joke comment: Aatrox Microbuff Ideas: Increase every stat by 1 Serious comment: It sounds interesting, that's all I can say, like in a sense the heal/dmg now procs on abilities and not just AAs but it's numbers still level by W, seriously interesting, not sure how OP this could be
legit it wont make him unkillable it just gives him more of a defensive chance, this is the only way you can give an offensive champion an upside when they arent readily offensive (abilities on cd and passive on cd) since i dont think riot will take into account my old rework optimisations because that would make him a really offensive fighter close to rengar, this would change his fight style to an interchanging style of long range and short, you choose your times to dive, and youll be slightly rewarded for it too
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Tele (OCE)
: I think it would be really cool to explore the Asian inspired Ionian fashion, maybe we could get stuff like [this]( Nice idea anyways, keep us updated if you develop it any further :)
oooo what about irelia with a nice flowery kimono or something, that is so cool though thank you so much
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Horizonn (OCE)
: Hey im in the process of creating my own champion kit etc... Any advice you can give?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Gladly ahah, hmm where to start, when your trying to create a kit its good to keep in mind what sort of feel your going for but also making sure the character is well rounded for the role your thinking of, things like high damage and mobility for assassins and heals or crowd control for a support, but you can play around with it, remember your only limited by your imagination and the idea you have for the character. I cant think of anything else right now but I hope I've helped you :P
: The end of competitive League of Legends.
i understand how you feel about the situation since i only just got into ranked and almost all the ones ive played have been people who duo que, its not a problem per say but it can be when there is a literal divide between players who know each other and players who dont. they suddenly stop talking to the team or they both start to flame someone because they cant point fingers at each other.
Coolbluey (OCE)
: its a furry
{{champion:8}} yeah that was kind of intended since we dont know much about the country iona and also becuase we orignally had the idea for him to be more like ahri mixed with rengar, look wise of course with a bit more of a tooth and claw kit
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