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SkyIa (OCE)
: Looking for an ADC Main in Gold/Plat :)
hey yeh ur friends list is full?
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thereoker (OCE)
: Looking for a jungler and top laner for team
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Gokutopia (OCE)
: Need a good jungler for upcoming 5v5 tournament
Hey dude! Add me in game if you want, i'm an adc main but jungler is secondary role. In and out of plat 3-4 atm, ign: thereoker
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vveigang (OCE)
: LFT mid/adc
Hey dude, I am looking to start up a team for tournaments and flex, if you're interested add me ig.
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: Team Quest looking for mid sub for scrim 27/08
Hey, i'm in and out of plat 3 and 4 atm if ur interested add me ig.
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ßÍos (OCE)
: looking for 2 people for this sat SSL tourney (1 jg main + 1 adc main) pref plat/dia+
: Chiefs vs Legacy: the rivalry


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