: He had his player ban removed, meaning he was allowed to create accounts again. At no time did he have any account bans removed. Permanent account bans are exactly that, permanent. The only exception is if the ban was made in error.
i reckon having an account permantly banned because another player trolled you is a pretty good reason to unban it but oh well.... maybe riot should work on players ruining the game rather than players reacting to their game getting ruined hehe just a thought
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PurpIe (OCE)
: I don't think posting on the forums will make Rioters investigate this person immediately (correct me if I'm wrong). When faced with trolls/toxic and summoners who disobey the summoners code I just report them after the game and hope my report goes to good use and justice is served. I just hope you reported this summoner if they were breaking the summoners code and if what you're saying is true then, hopefully, they've already been penalised/punished.
the ban system is broken never works ive had someone go like 0-15 reported em for inting and nothing happend
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: Changes from champion to champion and role to role...
ahhhh okay thankyou :)
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idc (OCE)
: There is nothing wrong with the ranked system. You just can't climb so you're looking for something to blame. What is with all the 12 year olds on these boards?
yea dude I'm 12 *claps vigorously*
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