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Ninox (OCE)
: It does, but it takes a long time. We don't have any exact timeframe, but it's in the realm of months. I think last I heard it was about 3, but don't quote me on that.
I thought they said it goes down by number of games
: Penalty Bug
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: CLIMB from S5 to G1 NOW!
I already got you guys.
: Making a silver/gold team
Add me, ttran115 i play adcs mainly {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:110}}
: Laptops
Depends on price range
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey folks Thanks for posting the discussion. This new system based around Blue Essence is obviously a change from what we're used to, so we're very interested to know how you feel about it going forward. Please keep the feedback flowing and let us know your thoughts - both for and against - as you learn and use the new systems over time. Point out the problems and let us know what bits you like. {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}}
Blue essence rewards after every game
: Why can Windwall Block Orrns Ult?
Yasuo's windwall can only block projectiles that come from infront of the windwall. e.g skill shots from ezreal and ranged auto attacks and ornn's ult, however he cannot block things that are from above or below, e.g bard ult and mf's raining bullet thing. Thats what i think
: Lf Duo
What rank are you?
xReverie (OCE)
: I've been able to make it to silver this season, and will aim for gold next season. * Have a small pool of (good / in meta) champions an spam them. 2 champs if possible, 1 that can be played in your off role (for me that's Corki and Ekko). Focus on 2 roles. Champs that are less team reliant, don't depend so much on good positioning are useful. That makes adc difficult somewhat. Also important that you enjoy playing them. * You're going to have teams and players, particularly in bronze 2 and 1, that go off by themselves without vision, play aggressively, and get caught out. Always check what your team's doing and be nearby to make terrible plays work * Learning to win lane, make early advantages, and snowball them, and doing this often can be really effective * Need to get better at last hitting. This will come with time, but you can actively practise it too. * Spam ranked. Good chance you'll finish bronze this season. Yes you care about your rank, however you need experience playing ranked to improve. Ranked is very different, and you get punished a lot more for your mistakes. Flex isn't too bad and you can play there if you have to. * Learn mindfulness / third space - resilience to tilt, and the ability to focus on the game and your next play * /mute all. Be friendly in chat. Ping when summoners are used. Comms your next play. Use pings. Like me you're playing catch up by the looks. I started late season 5 and have had to acquire the game knowledge and skills to be able to climb. There are a lot of people who have been playing for longer than you and you need to surpass / improve more than they have in the time they've been / are playing. Focusing on a few champs that aren't team reliant can get you good at some mechanics, and allow you to focus more on your next play, awareness, vision, and being useful to your team. You improve MUCH faster when you play ranked. Main thing I see is that you play WAY too many champions and roles (something I've done in the past too). Also watch the 'chase your legend' vids: Summary of these: - What's your goal / ambition when you play? Get to high elo? Use it as a tool - It's going to take a lot of work to reach your goal. Practise and get good - Learn to become tilt proof, and have the resilience to shrug of the tilt and focus on your goal Probs more stuff but this is getting long.
I've seen all those chase your legend episodes. I've been learning champs that a strong in the meta like trist and sej. Pretty much only time i tilt is when i suddenly dc. Other than that i gotta work on the other things you said. thx man
PurpIe (OCE)
: ADC is a hard role imo, just because you're so auto focused and need to kite and stay alive for max dmg output. You need to know how to return dmg in 2v2's or 2v3 ganks bot lane and not just run away from a fight. So much micro to master. In saying so, in this meta playing hyper carry adc's are very rewarding with a good support. So maybe you want to play tristana,twitch or even jinx and find a support to duo with :)
i play trist and vayne, sometimes jhin or varus
: find one champ you win a decent percentage of games on like you have played 30 games on ww with a 60% w/r meaning that if you keep playing ww at that level that should continue to win 60% of your games thus you get out of bronze at some point. i spent ages fucking around with different champs, then just looked at my pool and looked at what champ i could win games on at a high w/r % and spammed it ( for me it was sona) and i went from b3 to s4 in a couple of weeks.
i prefer adc over jungle but i'll try to play more ww
Fitzky (OCE)
: Because you're not playing darius?
lmao want me to go darius adc?
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Kimiya (OCE)
: Looking for cool people to play normals with ^_^
Add me too, i main {{champion:67}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:498}} i also enjoy {{champion:16}} adc :)
: yeah, its just ghost gaming. longest blitz game of my life...i havent landed a hook in almost 2 hours
wait. Did u have the red blitzcrank?
ttran115 (OCE)
: Client Shows reconnect after my game has finished
Some people are able to finish and go into another game but some people cant.
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