: looking for people to lvl up with
: LF duo partner (solo/duo queue)
well i would but my age is quite different
Ryze bot (OCE)
: Creating team (or looking to join) for tomorrow's and future Sunday Mayhem Tournament
i play all roles ill join if your still doing it but ig we could practice duo bot first?
: Optus Wifi getting disconnected
same man its only happened suddenly its pissing me off
: I don't see any games in your match history?
bro i gain 12lp per win in silver like goddam why all of a sudden
: tfw people think they will get the perfect pick and comment about the rewards. I think there is like 1 person if that every year who gets the perfect pick. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
hey for all we know if you do it You might even get the perfect pick O i Might even i'd say its based on luck but never doubt for the clout
: Silver VThresh One Trick LF Duo (Jungle or ADC)
yea sure i play both! i want out aswell
Rioter Comments
: Support Main LF Carry Mid/ADC (High Silver\Gold ) / Casual Ranked Team
uh sure, just add me i don't main ad but i play it decent enough
Nightjar (OCE)
: something that is worth noting is that aside from augment choices, and coveting the revive cooldown until the 3rd kayn fight (try to use the natural respawn timer of 20s in first round), is the individual quality of players. It's mean but some players just weren't meant for Onslaught difficulty.
BAHAHAH dood i totally agreeee {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}


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