Acqume (OCE)
: Looking for two members to join clash team - any position
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: LF Top/JG/Supp for Clash
I main top or jungle. voidnz in game
: Looking for JNG/TOP for Clash
I'm a Jungle and top main in Gold. Got discord, got big champ pool. Have clashed in all prior tournaments. Added you in game.
: Need 2 more for clash :) yeah the boys!
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: Clash Recruitment
I'm keen, addme: voidnz
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: Looking for Gold-Plat Top, ADC, Support im bad tho, only if desperate
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Mr Fizz (OCE)
: LF Duo Silver+ looking to climb before the end of season
Support Main, voidnz and The Ruiner are my accounts. Have similar issues with teammates who don't care about winning or not and tilt so I figure climbing will be easier and less stressful if I can depend on at least 1 teammate. As backup I normally play Jungle or Top. I'm online syd time from about 4pm to 10pm weekdays and weekends i can be on most of the day and later.
Turlo (OCE)
: "and have a smurf in Gold 5" lol
Why is that funny? I realise there's no difference but some people are all anal about being Gold.
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: Making ranked 5's Team
IGN: voidnz Role: Jun/Top Top 3 Champs: Amumu, Vi, Malphite Have Ts3: Yes
Turoc44 (OCE)
: Making a ranked Team (bronze-silver)
Role: Jungle Main champ: Vi Two sub champs: Amumu/Volibear/anyone And IGN as well: voidnz
: Creating a Team
IGN voidnz Rank silver3/silver 1 Skype Y Role Top Secondary role Jung Age 27
: LF Ranked five team to get ward skins
If you find one, add me too
Inf3cti0n (OCE)
: LF Team for a few Ranked 5s wins
: LFT For Free Ward Skin
Im interested
Izaya (OCE)
: Creating a Team (Nostrosity)
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