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: Yeah you are right to an extent - currently the OCS teams with spots are the best 5 teams from the last couple of years and there's a chance better teams show up - they will definitely need to consider the best way for them to enter the scene now, it may be about partnering up with the existing teams, buying them out or convincing us to expand the league in the future! But yeah it definitely changes the way the future players come through - we believe that this way will focus attention more on the player and his/her skill than being promoted as a team. We also agree that even OOL players don't just want fun tournaments - we are expecting a full range of amateur tournaments for prizes, for positions in teams (OCS/OPL), partnerships with universities, all types of things to keep competition alive for aspiring pro players :)
You’re going to find it difficult using these “community only” events with no promotions to ocs “as a team” to actually find players who have motivation. My team for example is heart broken, we have been to worlds in another esport, yet because we chose to start this year in league here, we have no opportunity. Time, money, effort all wasted. I really don’t want to seem like I’m crying here but having our only option into OCS now be “buying” a spot, you can imagine just how tragic that is for the players and staff.
: With the size of the OCS almost doubling, there will be an influx of up and coming talent. OCS/OPL teams will be scouring the amateur tournaments and looking to fill their rosters. It does mean that organisations won't rise and fall, but there is still a huge demand for new talent.
Oh I’m not arguing that, but what makes the NON OPL teams earn their spot in OCS? They’re just lucky they got promoted? If a team with players and $$ turns up you’re basically saying “nope these teams are what we have sorry”. If this was the case years ago some opl players wouldn’t be where they are and maybe even the teams either. Tough choice on your behalf to do this I have respect for everyone at riot but saying OOL players just want fun tournaments.. backhanded much?
: The OPL is restructuring in 2018
So how exactly do you get into OCS if you’re not already in it? The NON OPL teams just stay in their permanently now? There are so many hard working organisations that are putting time, effort and money into their players here in OCE yet now it is literally for nothing? Basically you’re saying “play for an OPL team or enjoy soloQ”
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: Notorious eSports looking for scrims! (OOL Team)
Do you still want a team to scrim against? :)
Reeaa (OCE)
Did you find a team? If not you should hit up team pandamonium they are recruiting atm, they were 2016 regional Smite champs and are now making a league team! Twitter @pandamoniumGG OR
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