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C9 Snocky (OCE)
: Well it sure would be nice to get no punishment for dc'ing in loading screen. I would have done it earlier when I saw my Karma mid had 0 mastery points against a 500k mastery Leblanc. Unsurprisingly the karma went 1/17. In your world, I can just turn off my wi-fi in loading screen after seeing that. Sounds pretty easy to abuse to me. Furthermore, imagine a diamond mid player who's going for challenger, he can just fake-dc every single game where he's up against a really good player until the system eventually gives him a lower elo player.
Drat I had not taken into account the new loading screen, also there are 3rd party programs too giving information about the current games' players that the speaker strongly suspects has been overlooked rather than not mentioned in order to Mickey Mouse so to speak ones' reference list. But fear not Sir, the speaker is well acquainted with dubious techniques of communication and so reciprocating these inefficient inconsistencies that manifest themselves as consistent and observable patterns apparent in one's actions and relationships could only be considered less than intelligent and this speaker wouldn't dream of holding such fantastical notions as separate your worlds and my worlds because quite clearly such concepts are illogical in the extreme and will inevitably lead to a less efficient outcome than what otherwise is potentially possible. The speaker must point out a failing in logical process that though is now a moot point regarding the previous suggestion, is worth considering for oneself how one has managed with barely three sentences (actually those in fact are three sentences with correct use of punctuation) to take liberties with honest process regarding that one is clearly aware of OP.GG/ as the third section obviously implies. It's o.k though Sir, this world is most definitely a place of some sort or another that all of us exist in together, and it's perfectly fine for one to overlook possible significant factors of an equation and and seeing as we're all in this together it's obviously important to communicate intelligently with each other as for one to know everything is clearly not even close to being a possibility.
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Ninox (OCE)
: If you've never received a penalty you should never have been below honour level 2. I'd recommend submitting a ticket to Player Support:
It's all good, I got level two the same night I made this post. Thanks for the reply though :)
: Your contradicting your self here you say you have never “ever received a penalty or anything of the sort” yet you start at honor 2 so u should not have to get your honor up unless you have been reported and received a penalty
No, I've never received a penalty. I don't know anything about starting at level 2 or not and I have started playing this season if that has anything to do with it... If everyone does start at level two then there has been a fault in the system. After playing one game last night and receiving honour I logged out and logged back in and I get level 2 honour, so thankyou very much the odd co-incidence gods.
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Jink (OCE)
: Almost got 1 Shot by Illaoi as Riv.
As sup she can pretty much bully the 2 bots while her adc free farms... Bit too tanky with too much damage, one or the other could do with lowering.


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