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Montiness (OCE)
: Swain ult (AP) Pyke ult (who cares about the scaling), Nasus ult, Renekton ult, Riven ult, Singed ult, Jax ult.... Kassadin ult, casseopeia ult, there really aren't too many that don't make him busted as hell. You see he seems to be balanced around not having use of an ult, which is still ridiculous with his healing, so any ult that he grabs puts him over the threshold, especially if it's any of the ridiculously useful ults, makes him broken as hell. On top of this, Riot are nerfing Crit items, probably because of turret plating snowballs not really working the way they intended, and just super feeding the team who dominates the lane instead of just getting rid of the turret plating gold, or reducing it by 75-80% So, now if adcs have a standard lane, and have a relative lane to any other on the map, they are under itemed. AP/caster bot lanes coming back in a hurry I predict. Either that or lethality lanes. But as for eve's ult the camo is a passive of her ult, so he should inherit that as well, allowing him to use his double gap close reliably as being undetected, and burst, and finish up with a massive damage jump out. Just imagine he double gap closes and cc's you, then, as you respond, he uses a shaco ult to avoid the damage you throw out, then get cc'd some more. Not fun.
omg how did u even wrote this much XD anyways thx
Ninox (OCE)
: 1. A few weeks~ (if you're only playing the one or two games for the daily) 2. PvP games, usually ARAM. A cheap (but still $$ option) is to buy EXP boosts. 3. He's on PBE now, so assuming no huge dramas he'll probably be live in 1-2 patches, so 2-4 weeks.
Ok thanks for the comment and follow me. I want to play a games with you and i just send u a friend request.
Montiness (OCE)
: Here's to hoping the Riot balance team actually exists, and Sylas ceases to..... because he's a pretty fair indicator that they don't.
Yeah. if sylus copies Evelyn's R then... too op
: Looks them up on google
Ok thanks!!!! I should search up
: You can only access your champion pool from the client, or make an assumption based on your match history (Like under your boards logic, Match History)
Ohhh.. alright thanks for the comment!!!
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