: So let me get this right. You've told everyone on your team they should go die because they press FF?? Your morale booster was,**Muting you ladssss**; Then telling everyone on your team they should all go die when the game ended. Man, if i dont respect the forum regulation right now, ill give you a mouthful. Have some common sense, and you will understand what you've typed was not a out of no where kind of thing. It was a build up of bad interactions and poor communication skill.
>Man, if i dont respect the forum regulation right now, ill give you a mouthful. Try not to be toxic buddy. We both know the only thing I did wrong there was lash out with "kys" at the end. Team had a terrible attitude and was spamming ff and open in chat.
: Paste your chat log please. Then we will talk about your ban.
You clearly don't work at riot, so I don't think we will be talking about my ban. Here you go though, enjoy. I added the surrender votes. Game 1 In-Game wow u cute x: same wow u cute x: idk wow u cute x: bl wow u cute x: nice wow u cute x: nice wow u cute x: 4d chess wow u cute x: I went in before he appeared wow u cute x: kms wow u cute x: thought graves would come wow u cute x: could have won that (early surrender) wow u cute x: no thanks wow u cute x: muting you lads wow u cute x: and not surrendering wow u cute x: winnable game (4/1 surrender goes through) wow u cute x: kys wow u cute x: kys wow u cute x: team Post-Game wow u cute x: weak mental
: It's not necessarily about which individuals are personally affected or not, but about the environment it creates. On a game to game basis yes, it's about individuals, and that is reflected in reports, I've seen some truly shocking chat logs that weren't punished simply because they weren't reported, but as a whole, allowing that sort of behaviour creates a very bad environment to be in. _Especially when you consider this game is rated 13+._ I do agree that kys should be added to the profanity filter mind you. I understand that it isn't technically profanity, but I'd personally class it somewhere near hate speech, which _is_ censored in the profanity filter. The day ban *is* the warning. The reason there isn't a lesser warning is because of the zero tolerance policy. YOu get one very strong warning before you lose it all. In this sense, the warning fits the severity of the breach in conduct. You may not see it as all that severe, but that is not the case for Riot and much of the player-base. Ultimately, whether you agree 100% or 0% with the policy, these are Riot's private servers and that is the hard line that they have drawn. In cases like these it's less about encouraging good behaviour, and more about hammering home the consequences of such sever behaviour for your account. It's about discouraging the bad, even if it's only for a players selfish desire to keep their account, and not any regard for others.
I respect and appreciate all of your responses. This kind of policy is running up against what has been the culture in online games for 15+ years, it's never been a sensitive place and there's always been serious words used in jest, often words are used in ridiculous or exaggerated context, but the intent isn't always bad. It's totally fair to want to change this, and maybe I'm undervaluing the damage of offensive words in these categories because I'm desensitised. I think prioritising broadly defined hate speech is doing less to improve the game than prioritising repeated negative behaviour in game. I don't think "hate speech" is what ruins games for most people. People can have a terrible attitude and ruin games for hundreds of people without saying anything on a hate speech list. People spam question marks, or tell other players they are bad, or ask "why did you do that?" or "ff x position noob" after every play, or just give a mild barrage of insults that never come under hate speech but cause everyone on the team to constantly type in chat while they are dying in a team fight. Or people will spam ff and open mid in chat after something goes wrong at 5 minutes. Or sit in base for 5 minutes saying open, and then when they decide they don't want to get banned they'll join in with the team. To someone who wants to take the game seriously and improve, this stuff is literally 100 times worse than someone saying kys after a 4/1 surrender vote goes through when their team gives up an even game with a late game scaling comp. Anyway cheers for the answers, I get that removing hate speech is important, so good luck.
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: I was talking to Seras Dragon on my forum post about this very topic. It was about how people report you not based on your language in the chat but rather your performance. If you carry a team they most likely won't report you if you said something like "kys". If you under-perform and say this however, get ready for a 14 day ban. I remember these two people named [REMOVED] and [REMOVED - Reporting Other Players] who proved that the IFS only cares about toxicity. They ran it down mid lane for **MANY** games before something was actually done. I don't think they were banned until they tweeted about it. Not sure if that was the story 100%, but it was more or less the case. Just imagine if they didn't tweet... Probably still be out there intentionally feeding. Chat related punishments are a myth too. They say if it's **REALLY** serious you will skip it, but what's the difference between not so serious and very serious? Is not so serious like "you're bad?" and serious like "kys"? I really don't understand where the line is drawn, but I think even if there is 0 tolerance for toxicity, there are other ways to punish than jumping straight to a ban. One of these is maybe a permanent chat restriction. I've been told a permanent chat restriction is stupid because people will find creative ways to troll, however, all they can really do is purposely AFK and run it down mid. I find this a bit ridiculous, because who would run it down mid or AFK just because they're chat restricted? If anything it will encourage them to use the little messages available to them in order to communicate properly. Pings exist too, and if you fear further toxicity why not fully strip their speech away? I think many, and almost all players would prefer to be muted/chat restricted rather than 14-day ban or permanent ban. Maybe that's just me, but.. Let's see?
Yeah I think it's having a certain amount of reports in a game coupled with if the words used are on a list, and you skip the first tier chat restriction if it's filed as some kind of hate speech or suicide encouragement, which kys is filed under depsite not being in the language filter. Honestly a terrible convoluted system that's more interested in the game promoting the idea of a friendly environment than actually adressing the things that ruin the game for most players.
: In the same way that certain racist or homophobic slurs are used among friends as joke or exaggeration, so can kys. BUT, this is not among friends, this is a public place, on servers run by a private company that have the right to set what stance they feel is best. Still, ultimately players decide what is and isn't ok, by what they choose to report. If a behaviour isn't reported, it isn't punished.
What that amounts to is, if players in a game report you and you did something the system decided was wrong you get banned. I was reported because I wasn't surrendering after my team decided it was over at 5 minutes, I can basically guarantee that was the reason, it wasn't because they were personally effected by "suicide encouragement". Riot should at least blank out terms in the zero tolerance policy list, prevent you from typing them, or have a warning system, or take in to account previous player record. Losing 5 honor levels, after hundreds of games, with absolutely no warning or precedent, will just make a player move to another account, how does this encourage good behaviour?
: Ultimately it comes down to your definition of 'vaguely offensive' differing wildly from the majority of the community. Things tend to be pretty lenient on OCE compared to other regions, but the hard line is drawn at things like hate speech and suicide encouragement, which frankly, is a pretty low bar to meet. The 14 day ban *is* your warning. If there was no warning you would have been permanently suspended. It's a strong warning, and as a result of the severity of the language used you are on very thin ice from here on out, but it is still your warning. You and some others may not take it seriously, but there are plenty of people who do, and Riot as a company have made a choice, and a policy reflecting it, that such language will not be allowed on their private servers.
It's vaguely offensive to the majority of the player base, It's the equivalent to telling someone to screw themselves. I obviously have sympathy for the 1/million case where someone thinks it's a literal death threat and doesn't take it as a dumb acronym, but filing it as "suicide encouragement" is ridiculous. I can't argue that being toxic shouldn't be punished, but one acronym in one game against hundreds of games and honor 4 shouldn't give a full level ban. A chat restriction sure, even remove some honor progress, it's just a ridiculous response completely out of proportion to the harm done.
: I mean, i somewhat agree having been done for a similar thing a few weeks ago. What i actually got banned for was ridiculously minor, but after 4 years of playing this game, it has whittled me down from being the person who used to say "calm down guys, we can win this" to being the guy asking people if their parents are related because they are so dumb. So I guess i needed the ban to reset. Now i just try to type "unlucky" even when my team does stuff that is beyond stupid. But Riot explicitly said a few months ago that any death threats, use of the word "retard" or similar or any form of "kys" will be an automatic ban with 0 tolerance. Its the rules and you agreed to them when you sign up and play. Just a heads up too, it takes about 30 games of being "honorable" to get up 1 checkpoint in honor. So to get back to level 2 where you can get ranked rewards again, it takes roughly 270 games... good luck. Level 0 (locked) - Level 0 Checkpoint 0, 1, 2, 3 - Level 1 Checkpoint 0, 1, 2, 3 - Level 2. As someone who normally only plays about 400 games a season, its been a real pain the ass.
I had no idea kms and kys were on the instant ban death threat list. Losing all honor instead of losing half, or even losing 3 levels, is the most excessive part to me, being banned seems fair. I was one checkpoint off 5. It's like you have hundreds/thousands of people that enjoyed playing with you, and you say one acronym on a "death threat" list and that's completely irrelevent and you are in the same category as people who make a new account to run down mid. I'd be more willing to accept the ban if I could believe that there was the same zero tolerance policy for intentional feeders and people who stop trying when a play goes wrong at 5 minutes.
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: Why should you get let of easier? The warning is the 2 week ban. Theres no reason to do that.. its like saying you comitted a crime and want a warning since its the first time. Except the crime is very severe and in comparison to what you said. Mate you just dont do it... its something you will have to swallow... Im sure youve heard horrible facts of people taunting others over this subject to the worst outcome and they say "I only typed it why do i get the blame" you do realise people have been imprisoned for similar words and phases over texting and facebook...
It goes straight to a 2 week ban and all honour lost after typing 1 vaguely offensive word, how is that an effective warning system? It's clearly too much weight to be given to a single word without letting the player know that there is an absolute zero tolerance policy. There essentially is no warning. It's so far removed from the actual impact of what someone is doing in game, you can ruin hundreds of people's games without being banned, but irrespective of how often you are toxic, you get a full ban for typing kys in one game if you are reported and the system picks you up and the word is on the list. It's a stupid acronym that nobody takes seriously.
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