: Hextech Crafting is now live in Oceania!
why did my other account start with 2 chests??
Olee (OCE)
: I don't blame my team mates for losing, but sometimes...
i try not to blame other people, but sometimes your it is really is the rest of your team that is bad/ the reason you lost and its just so hard not to tilt from it.
: And this is how WoW was destroyed. By simplifying everything and making it easier for newer people. Like yeah help them a little but this is a bit much don't you think.
the whole point of lol is that its easy for new players and lets everyone have a chance because its based on skill not how much time you put into it. and how is it simplifying it? its just making it cheaper are you scared you will get rekt by noobs now?
: i made a whole rune page yesterday :( would have saved me like 2000ip
ty riot anyway, now i can make a 3rd....
: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
i made a whole rune page yesterday :( would have saved me like 2000ip
: wow i did not know this existed...i have brought 1 friend into league and my brother has dont the same and we got nothing...this was about 1 and a half years back...but is there any way to clam them now? yea i know it sounds like a really stupid question but if i can get my reward now for back then its worth a shot.
the system has only been active in oce for a few months or something anyway, so it wouldn't have been an option then anyway.
: Why is it going to ranked? you said when it went live on normals: "**If** all’s well with the update, we’ll push it over to ranked queues in a few days." with all the huge negative feedback about it on all servers who after seeing that decided that "all is well"?? people don't like it, some do and thats great but some really don't, so at least have an option to toggle between the two. at least until everyone is satisfied with the new one, please.
I really like the new HUD and prefer it over the old one, but i still think the old one should be an option.{{item:3069}}
: Champion and skin sale:11.07- 14.07
when headhunter {{champion:107}} gona be on sale. first
Rajinho (EUW)
: @Riot
i agree i played my 1st one two days ago its just a good, stress free way to chill out and have fun.
: I agree with you but they make like over $1'000'000 like every month or some shit
if anyone else were in the same position they would do the same.
: Well your wrong.. the time it takes to level up an ability with your mouse is like 1s+ with your keyboard 0.5s max that time its the difference between dodging a thresh hook and getting hooked.. There is no chance of you getting plat or higher if you level up your abilities with your mouse and that is purely fact.
I'm quite new to league, and i prefer to click on them i have other things i'm trying to get better at. And my laptop/keyboard is really small...
: New player reform system heads into testing
i think the best way to get rid of toxic players would be to get rid of {{champion:17}} ...
: Champion and skin sale: 24.06 - 27.06
but riot {{champion:114}} gona be put down to 4800ip soon
: New free champion rotation: Karthus, Sejuani, Vladimir and more!
yay {{champion:8}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:24}} and {{champion:31}} good ones this week
: New free champion rotation: Ekko, Nautilus, Nasus and more!
: HUD Update
can i change the how big the thing is to lvl up my abilities, so i dont miss them in battle.
: omg, {{champion:121}} and {{champion:107}} !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
: Like this comment if you like MachinimaRealm! (shoutouts will be there)
: Champion and skin sale: 23.12 - 26.12
yay, im happy i brought {{champion:122}} yesterday.... im crying now


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