: Why I am keep getting people don't know how to play?
And you're in the same rank with them.
: **Moral of the story:** Theres too many fucking assassins in league.
Be amazed how many ninja and samurai like champions there are.
EkkoIsLad (OCE)
: The broken LOL Banning system
What's weebs got to do with this
: Enforcing meta, and stupid bans.
So if he got banned for failing to communicate with his teammates, should everyone who /mute's all get banned?
Miicka (OCE)
: To all those butthurt Katarina mains...
The new Kat requires a lot of skill... but she's at least 3 times more OP than the old Kat...
Dalza (OCE)
: no if it was a hard reset, a fresh account will be placed around g1-4 if u go 8/2(8 win 2 loss) its just plain broken atm, its pretty ridiculous if u go from being diamond mmr and get placed in silver 2 after going 8/2
A fresh account today got Bronze 2 with 8/2 placements. I ended this season as Silver 5, and I got Silver 5 again with 5/5 placements.
: Flex queue Giving higher ranks piss easy games against lower ranks so the low get lower while the high climb higher. What a fucking joke. Also the rengar prolly challenger playing a smurf as he went from silver( prolly a palcement) to d1 in 1 season
I've been thinking this was the reason as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=A steezy Scizor,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=0RHEy5EK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-11T23:03:04.986+0000) > > you're 4 days late bruh I wasn't sure if you AUs knew or not. You guys are a day or two behind I think.
> [{quoted}](name=Colonel J,realm=NA,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=0RHEy5EK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-12T04:26:02.882+0000) > > I wasn't sure if you AUs knew or not. You guys are a day or two behind I think. Actually, you're behind in terms of timezones.
Miicka (OCE)
: Correction: He is so bug Hahhahahhahahhahhahaha im funny
I got a bugsplat on the first time I've played the reworked Kha'Zix two days ago...
: Thoughts on the Assassin Update? (now that the changes have been implemented)
People haven't been playing the assassins much yet. Well I've only seen a Talon and a LeBlanc, but they had no pressure on the map at all since anyone could 1v1 them... a level 1 Annie beat a level 3 Talon in lane, but maybe that's because he was getting cocky since he's an assassin. EDIT: For some reason I just forgot my last game I had 2 Kats, but they did jack shit.
: He's gone 11 losses, 7 wins in his ranked games. He's tilted, frustrated, shithouse at the game and whining like a little bitch. He's Silver V with Bronze II MMR... Seriously... when you're not good enough for Silver, it is time to find a new hobby.
Fitzky (OCE)
: > It doesn't matter if the enemy team reported them or not, even just 1 report is enough to trigger the system. Well from my experience I'm going to have to say that's false, I have reported players countless times for obvious ban worthy actions and only very rarely do I actually get the notification that the player was actually banned. And I'll tell you 100% of these reports I know the player should be getting some sought of ban I don't just report because I'm mad/toxic these players are always sneaking through the system because its rubbish and barely works
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: :O how could you say that about REM GOD
easy Ram is better my type *computer RAM*
: Wait what happened? What are tier 3 bots?
Tier 3 boots, you could upgrade your boots again and they give you a small buff depending on which enchantment you choose.
Does Zyra's plants proc Spellthiefs? If they do, then they should fix it.
: Why do I get matched with these people...
Bronze should have their own set of rewards and Silver should get none.
SoSaucy (OCE)
: positioning in terms of your teammates
I also get flamed to shit if I don't jump inside the middle of a teamfight as an ADC to fight lol
SoSaucy (OCE)
: silver is cancer, im stuck in atm and i like to consider myself a reasonably good support but you always get people who feed on your team. Although what I have noticed in many games in silver is that it is completely small fights orientated with almost no team fights, your laning will ultimately determine the game. Most people in silver do not build defence or health (in terms of mid, adc, sup and jng, dependent on the champion). Try and use this to your advantage, also always try to pick counters, as not many people in silver do this either (e.g pick morg if against thresh, not sona). ALSO (sorry for the probs 10th also) DO BUILD DEFENSIVE! I've played as a sona little to no ap items (like dead man's plate) and managed to carry my team, armour or magic pen is not a thing tbh in lower elo. BUT this is just my observation, many people will see diff
How do you even build defensive if the best item you can get on an ADC is Mecurial or Maw? What's the point of getting a Guardian Angel 20 minutes into a game?
: You have probably gotten stale... change it up play different roles and different champs. Learn different aspects of the game. May be worth a shot?
I'm shit at what I played to get out of Bronze. People are smarter and much harder to deal with in Silver so I don't goddamn know. Most of the time games are completely unwinnable, even if everyone on your team is fed you can't win, I always get those type of games.
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: Hey, Just found about this farm bots thingy. Why do you guys find it so hard to reach 30?
I only played Beginner bots until I hit level 9 and played PvP Normal from there lol. I basically skipped a step, but I learnt how to play the game faster by diving into a normal game.
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RonyStark (OCE)
: why stop watching anime? Rem empowers us all
Erøse (OCE)
: Bring 1 champion in real life and why?
Ahri, because I wanna die in a creative way.
Rioter Comments
: Maybe its a limited time thing, like all skins will get music then after that only jinx gets music... and then when more star guardian skins come out next year "hopefully" there will be music for all skins
maybe it's like Jhin, when you pick Jhin with no skin he has his own custom eerie music in the first minute of the game, but it happens sometimes not all the time
ninja150z (OCE)
: If you played Anivia or Karthus you might come to appreciate it.
: you ever played galio?
Rioter Comments
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: Long wait times for a new player (Lvl 7)
Add more servers? Everyone in Australia is supposedly on the same server as you. It's just that there's not many low level people here.
: Riot, need stricter ranked queue restrictions
You get unranked players on your team too literally this game is weirding me out
Rioter Comments
: I assume that by "level 30s" you mean "unranked" since everyone, from Bronze 5 to Challenger, is level 30 (yes, it really is an important distinction). That said, players who are new to ranked start with an MMR equivalent to Silver 5 and the 10 placement games they play have a much higher impact on MMR than any games they would play after being placed. Any player who's new to ranked who starts with several consecutive wins would end up being matched in mid silver during their placements.
So that's why I get people who play their first ranked game in my games at the moment?
: Your Teemoing shop
I don't even want any of the skins in my Teemo shop, I kinda wish I had an option to reroll lmao.
Rioter Comments
: Illaoi needs the biggest nerf I've ever seen
Is that why no one plays her in Worlds? She's pretty useless now unless some guy is a Illaoi god.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Can people stop saying "that champion is broken" ?
What about the world's best player? #1 Rank in Korea, many times—he said Yasuo is the most broken champion in the game, but people don't know how to limit themselves.
Fitzky (OCE)
: If your in need of a laugh
had a laugh when i decided to watch it in my recommended feed a few days ago
: ***
Hidden behind the {{item:3070}}
: Mate take a break. Stop caring about the game soo much. Try to remeber why it was fun to play.
I'm just more worried about the fact I'm getting level 30s on my team and never the enemy team.
Rioter Comments
: My behaviour
Most of my match history is just red for the past 3 days, demoted from Silver 3 almost to Silver 5. :(
Rioter Comments
Nightjar (OCE)
: Haha welcome to the rng side of gaming. The ideas behind this side of gaming is that no matter how weighted the odds, there is always the tension that it's never quite over until you see either victory or defeat. It's a very casual side of gaming, and it take a chill type of person to accept it. For those that don't take the game to seriously or those that do take it seriously but still enjoy the game; the tension created by crit chance and the turn arounds or how you can lose despite your best efforts, stop the game from becoming a monotonous grind. This is especially true in games like pokemon where outside of extremely high ladder matchups, you generally can't lose if you understand the game and your opponents intention. Red Crits exist in a few games, usually as easter eggs and are usually base secret crit chances that can affect all aa and ability damage, as oppossed to crit chance you can increase with items. Personally I think League should definitely NOT have Red Crits be a thing because it's not something you can itemise for or against and takes that 'bit of extra damage' into something that can feel unfair when champions like lategame caitlynn will already hit you for 2k physical damage if you step on her trap and she crits with her full (80-100%) crit build... I don't want this number getting an additional damage modifier on top. Crits are best when you can kinda see that a champion has a fair chance of critting you for a bit of extra damage, and makes it less predetermined who would win a 1v1, rather than, even though they have no crit chance, any champion could suddenly pull 500% more damage out their ass if I'm just very unlucky. I feel League of Legends is a little too much of a serious game to have anything like red crits. On the matter of crits I'm mostly indifferent but I feel they still have a place in the casual side of this game. At least for now.
Red crits in Warframe. :^)
: Why is it riot doesn't give perma ban players a chance anymore?
I think you're unaware that permanent means it will never change. It would be weird calling it a perma-ban if you could get a second chance.
Essembie (OCE)
: Carry me to gold
Same here at the moment, most of my match history is just red right now and I've honestly just given up for Gold. I'm so sad I won't get the Victorious Mao'Kai skin...
: Star Guardian skin music that plays during the first minute of loading into the game
It usually plays all the time for me when I use Star Guardian Jinx, but I didn't hear it when I used Star Guardian Lux.
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