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Shouri (OCE)
: Digital Fury Team
Hey im a Mid/Jungle player floating between low plat and high gold (previous seasons). s8 I struggled with lots of different stuff due to IRL problems. But am looking at getting back into the game. IGN - xHeroborn Availability - Whenever really Rank - G4 CHampion pool - Been distant from the game in terms of meta etc lately but in previous teams have played whatever my team wants/ practiced them Honour Level - 5 And have mic
Seniaz (OCE)
: Team Serenity LF High Silver to Plat JG for full time team
Jungle Main
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Crispus (OCE)
: LF Flex Team Who Wants An ADC Silver 1... Username is Crispus
: Btw which role would you prefer me to play? Top or support?
: I'm a support/top main, in silver. Happy to play either role. Can I add tomorrow? :)
Yea that fine - Look forward to hearing you
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Hesed (OCE)
: Recruiting for a Casual Team
How many players ya got?
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Level 172 (OCE)
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