: Victorious Shop?
Well the BE shop is coming back in preseason, which is basically what you're asking for.
tndz (OCE)
: how to get honour lv 2 from dishonourable
So Rioters on Reddit *have* talked about this. They said that the type of game or how long it goes on for do not matter. You get the same amount of Honour per game (and only an ever so slightly higher amount if you were honoured or if everyone in your team honours someone). So if you spam Intro/Beginner Bot matches, that will give you the maximum amount of honour in the least time. If you manage 3 bot games an hour, you can easily manage 30+ a day and get a few hundred done by the end of the season. Plus, you won't lose any honour since why would anyone report in Coop vs AI unless you flamed them? It's a shame we don't have Treeline Bots, or you could spam 50+ games in the same amount of time. In fact, spamming bot games are what those Chinese leveling companies do, and they manage to get to Honour 4 or even a few checkpoints from Honour 5 in the span of about 200+ games. You could easily climb 1 Honour level and 1 checkpoint in this time. Of course, this is not easy (why would it be if this is extended punishment?)... it's playing 30 boringly simple games a day for like a week. Hope this helps, and all the best :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Best Champion To 1 Trick
Any champ can get you out of Silver/Gold. Honestly, just pick your favourite champion. It could be a specific mechanic you like, or their lore, or simply because they're super adorably cute. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Heck, there were Korean Challengers who one-tricked pre-rework Aatrox, or Diamond I's who main AD Soraka Top. If you want a strong Jungler... Graves or Rengar. Both really strong atm. But if you want to transition more to Mid lane, there are several good picks. Annie, for starters. Orianna is a champion that is always in the meta, and requires little laning skill as she is a very safe champion who excels in teamfights. Aurelian Sol is a champion that, when mastered, can easily carry you to Diamond if you play properly. If you're willing to put in the time and effort (like a lot of it!), then Katarina is fun. Good Kats are honestly amazing. Your name has Zed. What about him? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But to reiterate my point... It doesn't matter which champion you pick. Just as long as you enjoy them (otherwise those 100s or 1,000s of games will be a nightmare).
: Please explain...
You're Diamond V. Your last win had Plat I and Plat II opponents, while your team mostly have Diamond Vs. Since your team had the higher total/average MMR, you were the ones expected to win. MMR does not dictate your LP gains. It just decides who your opponents will be. And depending on these opponent's ranks and your rank, you will gain/lose LP. You're rarely, if ever, going to get games where everyone is exactly the same MMR as you. The system just checks if they're close enough. Naturally the longer the queue time, the larger this gap will be, as it will keep expanding it's area of search until it finds a match. At your level, there is a much higher chance of finding an opponent ranked lower than you, so a greater chance of being place with/against Plats, and therefore lower LP gains since you're a Diamond playing against Plats, especially if you have a team of Diamonds vs a team of Plats. Hope this helps <3 {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: A list of Oceanic content creators who are giving away loot?
I know **Jay Sea** is giving away some stuff, along with some other big content creators.

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