: Ranked team Looking for a mid lane main gold or high silver Or ADC Main
interested in mid I am currently ranked silver 4 but high elo getting 28+ LP per win have been ranked gold my champs I main are zed/yasou/le blanc/syndra/master yi/ahri/twisted fate most mid lane champs I can play but these are proberly my best add me or replay my name is Laenaya
Serfige (OCE)
: That's funny I'm diamond ranked with bronze support skills, maybe we should swap
its hard to climb maining support lol I need to find a good duo adc main and should be alright
Nukalavi (OCE)
: what's your main called?
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Kankuro (OCE)
: Looking for Team Ranked PLays
Name:laeanya rank:s4 Main role/Main roles:suport Champ pool:mostly all where you from; new Zealand also this is loged in under my smurf account
Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Need a jg for ranked team
still need a jungler? I am ranked silver 4 have reached gold 3 also can fill other lanes if needed
: Looking for sup, adc or mid laner to join our ranked 5's team
im currently ranked silver 4 have been gold 3 just decayded over time looking for a team I am a ADC/SUPORT MAIN
Nukalavi (OCE)
: Join CVU (Bronze/Silver teams)
adc main silver 4 have been gold have 2 accounts both are silver keen to join can also fill
dafaq (OCE)
: LFP - Looking for players for ranked team
yo im keen to join I have 2 accounts that I play on both silver I main support/adc will be keen to join
: Unfair LeaverBuster?
yea mate same thing here I get dced at level 1 rejoin then get leaver buster also had 2 AFKs on my team 5 games today 4 AFKs and btw they cant remove leaver buster even if they wanted to automatic shit
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: 2015 ranked season is ending!
yo it says you don't get season rewards for chat or in game restrictions does leaver buster come under these rules I recently started to get a lot of bugsplats and I messaged riot about these issues and ive been on a few leaver busters I hope because of a stupid bugsplat I don't lose out on my rewards I connect as soon as I can prob about 5mins after I bugsplat but hope I don't get punished for the silly bugsplats anyone any ideas?


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