: how do you lane as ryze
How in depth do we wanna go here.... There's so much to Ryze.. Since some extremely basic stuff is said I'll explain some things most Ryze players don't know and I've never seen done below Challenger which should be done way more often. So pretty much in the absolute early game (pre 6) your goal is to leave the lane as fast as possible to get tear whilst not losing CS. The best way to do this is by abusing your double E as it pretty much out shoves most people early. Focus on pushing your early waves slowely or faster than your enemy. Watch how fast they shove and always try to shove faster or be creeps ahead, you can do this with your E. It's important you are able to push the last wave that gives you tear gold into the enemy tower so you can deny the enemy from denying you a wave when you base and come back to lane. Count ahead of time how much gold you need. If you ever watch Faker, Bjergsen some of the really good Ryze players you'll see this strategy. Even if you can't execute this perfectly you can just keep practicing. It's important you don't blow Q too many times early as you will oom and mess your wave up. Push slowely with E, use Q when you need to have a bigger wave or out push your enemy. If they are trying to out shove you and know what you're doing they need to use mana too. So in the simplest way of saying it. 1. Start sapphire crystal always and refillable (DON'T BUY 3X POTIONS IT'S USELESS AND INEFFICIENT IF YOU DO THIS STRATEGY PROPERLY) 2. Focus on wave control early, auto minions to keep the push going 3. Use your double E to stay ahead with a bigger wave 4. When pushing the last wave use Q with your 2x E combo 5. Try to have enough gold for 1x Control Ward and Tear Other things to note.. Always watch the side lanes at the start of the game, sometimes at higher elo lanes walk into their lane at the same time to prevent you knowing where the enemy jungler is but at lowers elos this is rarely the case. If you see top walked straight into lane and bot was delayed then you clearly know the jungler started bot. You can then play the opposite side of the lane where the enemy jungler started for the first 30-35 seconds then eventually ward out one side of the bushes and play to that side. It's important you try to get an idea of where the jungler is as you will be aggressively pushing always. Not only does doing this strategy benefit you it also benefits your team. Your pressuring the enemy mid laner into losing CS and getting a really fast efficient tear. Remember to always take {{summoner:4}} and {{summoner:6}} or {{summoner:1}} if it's vs Elise and another CC laner. If you're in a sticky situation of potentially getting ganked you can ghost and run the opposite way or flash if it's worst case scenario but never burn 2 summoners unless it's necessary.
: Low elo riven mains are trash. Im the only good one.
It's low elo what do you expect? What's the point of this post. It's low elo therefore people are going to be mediocre or not good at the game? If you put more salt on something it's going to taste saltier right? If you put more water in the cup the cups going to have more water? If you go lower the elo the people are going to be worse right? Cmon dude
: So Telstra is experiencing a countrywide outage.
Yeah I have Telstra & I have disconnected around 5 times in the past hour. Router keeps turning on and off. Started happening last night and now it's doing it really frequently. As I am typing this right now it disconnected again. Sigh.......
: CCG Storm lf plat+ jungler
Bump, was the previous Jungler. I chose to leave as I didn't have enough commitment for a team currently. Great bunch of people and good players hopefully you can find a decent Jungler! This team is very active and well organized! Goodluck dudes :D
you me (OCE)
: We Run This Place looking for serious and devoted players to expand into the competitive scene.
you me (OCE)
: We Run This Place looking for serious and devoted players to expand into the competitive scene.
Still looking for a good top laner that meets the above requirements!
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Tele (OCE)
: He's more versatile than **Leona**, and a little worse than **Braum**. The main thing for me, is that he can play against any lane comfortably. But **Leona** will start to struggle against disengage **Poppy** or **Janna** lanes. The **Sivir** match up isn't actually that bad BTW. I usually just bait out the spell shield with an E, so that it's down for ganks or the next trade. Definitely harder match-up than most though, you need to get ahead early.
I'm going to go from a ranked/competitive perspective. When you pick a support you are trying to fill a specific role that the team needs which may be: 1. Disengage for poke comps 2. Engage for dive comps 3. CC for pick comps The way he fills any of these roles is really lackluster like as you said he may be more versatile than Leona but she compliments the Engage/Pick comps way more than Taric. Being versatile and being medicore at one of these 3 traits doesn't really compare to being amazing and the perfect fit for one of the traits he sucks in pretty much all 3 of them maybe hes ok at pick comps but not really as his shatter is only 625 range. Leonas ult is 1250 range which is greatly superior meaning shes not a flash reliant champion like Taric may be in some situations (similar to Kennen, Annie and Sona). Pretty much Braum, Alistar and Leona fill that specific role better than him. "A little worse than braum" is a complete understatement. He's not even close to braum. This isn't even worth talking about as any decent player would realise that some of the Top Tier picks being Graves, Corki, Lucian, Ezreal lose so much DPS in team fights with Braum just being there. Plus Braums level one is just absurd, he's by far the best support in the game for invades/extended invades. Tarics laning phase is pretty average it does good even against most supports but laning phase isn't really what you should judge your entire argument on. Janna, Soraka, Alistar, Braum still have better laning phases than Taric. The problem is he still doesn't compliment the 3 important factors that comps are based around.
: Hey Melly I know of other players in The University of Newcastle who are looking to start a club. I'll send this post to them so they can get in touch. Thanks Conquisitor
Sounds good thanks!
Ferno (OCE)
: Who is the most underplayed but extremely op champion
Depends on the elo really. At lower elos there is lots of champions that aren't common like: Twisted Fate, Gragas JG, Lulu mid/top, Nidalee but in higher even mid elos / competitive game these champions are overplayed which are really strong imo. People at lower elos pretty much spam the same stuff, Master YI, Xin Zhao, Blitzcrank, Fizz Mid, Tryndamere/Renekton/Wukong top. I do recommend some of the more common mid-high+ elo picks which are played-overplayed at that elo for a reason. EDIT: Referring to low elo because 90% of the community currently is below platinum in most regions since it's still early in season.
Tele (OCE)
: {{champion:44}} **Taric** in generally is really underplayed right now when compared to how good he is ATM. Personally I play him support, but Top is super cheesy as well with Grasp of the Undying.
He actually does suck that's the thing. He's underplayed as a support for a reason.
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